Loading HP B120i/B320i Device Drivers

Because I don’t do it enough to remember. I will finally take note of it here and save myself some Googling time.

HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers – Loading B120i/B320i Driver for CentOS 6.3 Installation Information

There is no driver download available for CentOS 6.3 installation on ProLiant Gen8 Servers using Smart Array B120i/B320i storage controller. However, end user can use the RHEL 6.3 driver instead.

Below are the steps to use the RHEL 6.3 driver:

  1. Download RHEL 6.3 Software Driver Update and extract it.
  2. Copy hpvsa-1.2.4-4.rhel6u3.x86_64.dd to a USB Key formatted as FAT32.
  3. Once the floppy driver diskette ready on the USB Key and the Array is being created, is time to begin the CentOS 6.3 installation by booting from the DVD.
  4. On the main installation menu for CentOS, mount the USB Key with the driver on it, either through iLO or plug it to the server. At the installation menu, select the installation method (just highlight it) and hit “ESC” key to receive the “boot:” prompt.
  5. At that “boot” prompt enter the following command: linux dd blacklist=ahci
  6. Hit ENTER Select Yes for driver diskette, Select the USB drive.
  7. Select the driver disk image and select OK .
  8. Continue the OS installation, then just click select the logical volume where to install the CentOS 6.3.

Drive Download at HP Site

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