Install/Upgrade Trac on CentOS 5.5 with Python2.6

I recently had to upgrade our production Subversion/Trac server to use Python2.6. Normally with yum, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but python2.6 is not in the CentOS repos. And specifically, I needed Trac built with python2.6 support. So I grabbed python from the EPEL repos. You do NOT want to remove the installed…

Subversion/Apache with Active Directory authentication

A longer term project of mine has been the installation and maintenance of our company subversion and Trac server. The main thing I wanted to implement was authentication against our current AD infrastructure and in doing so, allow our Service Desk to give access to repositories through group membership.

Upgrading PHP on RHEL 4.6

I currently have a RHEL4.6 server that is hosting a MediaWIki v1.6.12 sire. The reason I stayed with that version for so long is that the default LAMP stack could properly run it without updating. But my users have requested a more current version be install so now it is time to upgrade it.  

Add the RHEL 4 install disk as a repository

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Copy the contents of the disk /media/cdrom/Redhat/RPMS to a directory of your choice. In /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources, comment out the following line: up2date default This line needs to be commented out otherwise up2date will keep on looking for information using the Red Hat Network first. Next, in the same file, create…

Basic Joomla installation on a Linux server

A quick walk-through for installing Joomla on a Linux server with Apache and Mysql. Joomla is a great content management application that allows you to quickly and easily, create and manage a web site with a great amount of flexiblility.

Optimizing videos for your website with FFMPEG

There are a multitude of video capture devices currently on the market. Many of these recorders encode their video in their manufacturers preferred format. Introduce computers and the internet into the mix and you now have more formats that most people can play. Some of the main formats include .mov, .mp4, .wma, .avi, .mpg and…